Storie di magia al profumo di zafferano

They asked me what magic of the saffron be... Well I think in my opinion, the harvesting in fields and meadows, shrouded in mist, when at first sight it seems not perceive anything! Then abruptely you realize how many violet flowers wait there for you!
And again, at home, this flood of pistils ready to be pulled out and with their colour they give back all the sun received during summer …Sometimes they give surprises like a pistil that split into six stigmas instead of three!
And then, obvously, in the fragrance and the taste that involve all the senses at table! Because We could no longer resist preparing a tasty risotto! Anyway, the use of saffron in cooking is really huge and you know generally only limited applications, next week, in fact, I will post a recipe for a tart. As far as the risotto is concerned, you can utilize dried stigmas, leaving them in warm water at least for an hour before using them, adding at the risotto only about the end of cooking time so to preserve all the qualities of the spice. Using the entire stigma instead of the powder allows to dispose a product not oxidized and at the maximum of its potential! Seeing is believing!