The red gold

Saffron is magic! It's born of a simple bulb completeng its reproductive cycle underground. 
It is implanted during the dormancy period during the hot summer season.

The blooming, the true centre of our interest to get spice, occurs the first cold weather of the season, in general the last week of October or the first one of November.


The harvest daysare really intense, the magic never ends: when you think to have picked all the flowers you abruptly find out, in a ethereal and foggy silence of the early morning, many other wonderful flowers ready to be picked up! A long and demanding job. The pulling out of the stigmas and their drying process have to take place in the right balance; delicacy and sensibility are essential to preserve the large properties held in each pistil


Scentis aromatic and the taste lightly spicy. You know saffron for the traditional " risotto Milanese ", but really is fit for many other preparations, for example for sweets, with chickpeas, with chicken, in the cheese, and so on


It possess curative properties, it is an excellent sedative, gives help in condition of anxiety and causes good spirits! Thanks to its antioxidant qualitie it is able to support learning and memory.